Design Services



Design is not about “decorating.” It’s about communicating.

The design process is really about problem-solving: What are you trying to communicate – a brand, a mood, a message? To whom? And on what platform? How can you make the most impact, with clarity and purpose?

Successful design integrates carefully-selected images, graphics, text, and composition to communicate without clutter. Scale, proportion, balance and color are tools for creating interest, focus, and harmony.

My design philosophy is simple – though not always simple to achieve: Be noticed. Be focused. Be remembered.

Graphic Design

My goal as a designer is not just to create but also to curate. We have all seen ‘design’ that just doesn’t work. Chances are it results from too many elements competing for attention. I am strategic about building a hierarchy of design elements and maintaining enough ’empty’ space.

Empty space, used wisely, can be a designer’s ‘secret weapon.’ It can even become the central feature of design. (e.g. the “DragonHeart” iPad case on this page.)

My personal aesthetic leans toward clean and modern, with a deliberate mix of hard and soft elements to create contrast and interest. But I will customize the look and feel of every project to the needs of my client – and the message we are trying to communicate. That message might be literal, metaphorical, or even abstract – which may seem to contradict the idea of focus. But sometimes the goal is, in fact, to leave the viewer feeling uncomfortable or unsettled, as seen in the  Anti-smoking Campaign poster series on this page.

Anti-smoking Campaign 1: Be noticed. 2.) Focus your message. 3. Be remembered.


Magnolia Day Spa branding
Splash Martini Mix bottle


As a digital illustrator, I create and customize images from scratch. These “vector” illustrations can be scaled up or down without ever losing resolution – unlike a photograph or ‘raster’ image (e.g. .jpg, GIF, etc…) that becomes blurry or pixelated when enlarged. A vector illustration will always maintain clean lines and perfect color, regardless of whether it’s a simple shape or a more complex image with multiple layers and transparencies. Although vector illustration is highly-detailed and somewhat time-consuming work, it can be incredibly useful. Once created, a vector illustration can be customized and altered to fit many applications, shapes, and sizes.

Business Card

Branding & Logo Design

Logo design is an important part of the branding process, but it’s not the only part. Branding is, first and foremost, about identity. Your brand is your signature.  A unique and strategically designed logo or logotype will support and enhance your brand, and a carefully considered color-palette, font selection, and composition will help build a consistent, cohesive visual identity.

Splash Martini Mix logo

Photo Editing

  • Professional photos.
  • Social media.
  • Website applications.
  • Print, advertising, packaging, marketing pieces.
  • Custom projects large & small (including holiday cards, photo restoration, invitations, and more.)

Photoshoot scheduling, set design, and styling services also available in collaboration with:

Original photo.
Edited lighting & background.

Client’s own photo against green screen.
New background and removed green reflections from skin, hair, glasses.

Web Design

My approach to web design is almost always to keep it simple.

Aesthetics and ease of navigation are equally important. If a site isn’t intuitive, users will quickly move on.

A visually pleasing, clear hierarchy of information is essential, using images to replace text whenever possible. If you aren’t sure where to begin, I will help you strategize, organize content, write copy, source photos or arrange and style a photoshoot.

Christopher J. Gaffney Website.
Rapid response Medical Gators
Nora Panahi Comedian