My Process



PC 02Naturally, each project has a unique scope and goal. In the initial phase, I’ll have multiple conversations with a client to get a sense of what they are really looking for…asking questions and honing in on the essence of a client’s needs. Often, this actually helps clients clarify their own goals. I take notes, sketch, and brainstorm actively. We’ll come to an agreement on budget and timeline, and identify deliverables.

Once a project has been clearly mapped out, I allow ideas to flow freely in my head. This process, while not always visible, is actually quite productive. I find myself — sometimes at the most unexpected moments — coming up with new and unanticipated ideas, and sifting through those that are not quite on target. I keep index cards and drawing pads handy to keep track of the concepts so that I can sit down later to analyze and prioritize those that have the most merit.

If time allows, I like to set aside first drafts and come up with alternative approaches — I try to actively push the boundaries of my comfort zone.

From this group of first and second rounds, I choose a few that warrant additional thought and will draft more finished visual concepts and present 2-3 different options to my client. I usually have a good idea of what I think will work best so I share my thoughts and reasoning for my preferences.  The design process usually entails a collaborative discussion and several rounds of revisions based on client feedback.