About Me

About Me

Yin. Yang. Strategist. Artist. Detail-oriented big picture thinker. Driven & focused. Creative rule-breaker. Experienced life-long learner.

I have always been a hybrid…and it doesn’t bother me that I don’t fit ‘nicely’ into any particular box — in fact, I prefer it.

I began my career in marketing – combining creative-thinking with business sense as an Advertising Account Manager, Brand Manager, and Marketing/Promotions Manager. Attention to detail, the ability to think strategically, and a strong work ethic, landed me in the offices of Vice Presidents, CEOs, and Fortune 500 clients discussing projects and ideas. I thrive on listening, assimilating, conceptualizing, and combining new ideas with tried and true.

I am, by nature, an artist. I am also a logical, fact-based thinker and problem-solver. Sometimes this surprises people; apparently artists are supposed to be the opposite.

As a Graphic & Web Designer, I bring a creative mindset, strategic-thinking, and a business perspective to every project – large or small.

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